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Who we are

Neighbourhood Support is a nationwide community-led movement that brings people and neighbourhoods together to create safe, resilient and connected communities.  

Neighbourhood Support Papakura District operates under the national organisation, we are here to help you get to know your neighbours, set your streets up to be part of Neighbourhood Support and connect your group to local resources to solve any issues your streets might have.

Contact us to see if we cover your area! You could meet regularly or as needed, stay connected online or by email, host barbecues or events! Whatever works best for you and your group!


"I walk taller knowing everyone in my neighbourhood has my back and I've got theirs"

Our District

The NSPD covers the following areas:

  • Ardmore

  • Conifer Grove

  • Drury

  • Karaka

  • Opaheke

  • Papakura

  • Pahurehure

  • Red Hill

  • Rosehill

  • Takanini

  • Some rural areas.


Why join NSPD?

A Neighbourhood Support Papakura District brings neighbours together from all around the area to share information, ideas and create a connected community.


Together you can:

  • Reduce crime safely and collectively

  • Engage with the Police, Local Board, or other agencies to solve local problems.

  • Create a supportive and caring neighbourhood!

  • Learn how to prepare and support one another in a civil defense emergency.

Our Mission
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